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演講 Quantum optics with propagating microwaves in superconducting circuits 2018/01/04
演講 癌症生物標記臨床應用 Clinical Application of Cancer Biomarkers 2017/12/28
演講 Spin excitations and non-collinear spin structures in ultrathin ferromagnets 2107/12/21
演講 Near Field spectroscopic imaging of P3HT nanowires and heterogeneous 2D materials 2017/12/14
演講 Material investigations : From Atomistic Simulation to Material Informatics 2017/12/07
演講 The Saga of Neutrino Oscillations 2017/11/30
演講 抗菌胜太對白色念珠菌之作用機制 Mechanisms of antimicrobial peptides against Candida albicans 2017/11/23
演講 Discoveries Through Computation in Manybody Systems: Challenges and Outlook 2017/11/16
演講 Vacuum Deposited Organometallic Halide Perovskite Photovoltaics 2017/11/02
演講 Plasmon-Coupled Resonance Energy Transfer 2017/10/26
演講 福衛五號全記錄 2017/10/19
演講 Functional Dynamics and Information Processing in Retinas 2017/10/12
演講 Tabletop analog black holes to investigate the information loss paradox 2017/10/05
演講 A combined analysis of PandaX, LUX, and XENON1T experiments within the framework of dark matter effective theory 2017/09/28
演講 研究生的壓力調適與睡眠 2017/09/21
105學年度下學期 105下學期講員一覽表
演講 A Memory of Majorana Modes through Quantum Quench 2017/06/08
演講 Towards Long-Term Stable and Efficient Large-Area Organic Solar Cells via Blade Coating 2017/06/01
演講 性別平等教育:強者我同學-在溝通合作中找到自己的價值與安適 2017/05/18
演講 Momentum space method on the strong field ionization of atom 2017/05/11
演講 The stringent weakness: how our world is determined by gravity 2017/05/04
演講 Masses of Scalar and Axial-Vector B Mesons: A Challenge to the Quark Model? 2017/04/27
演講 Three-dimensional topological superfluid: from cold atom to spintronics 2017/04/20
演講 Stochastic thermodynamics: a probabilistic description 2017/04/06
演講 Iontronics: Recent development of Ion controlled Electronics 2017/03/30
演講 Improved performance of all-solution-processed OLEDs by blade coating 2017/03/23
演講 Neutrino and Dark Matter Physics at Low Energies 2017/03/16
演講 Aspects of Conformal Field Theories 2017/03/09
演講 Photocreating supercooled spiral-spin states in a multiferroic manganite 2017/03/02
演講 Modeling the fragmentation functions 2017/02/23
演講 A little bit of Lattice Quantum Chromodynamics 2017/01/05
演講 Physical and biological factors in determining lineage-commitment of human mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) 2016/12/29
演講 Analysis of local bond-orientational order for liquid gallium at ambient pressure 2016/12/22
演講 The secret life of quarks 2016/12/15
演講 Kondo effect in metal-insulator-metal tunnel junctions 2016/12/08
演講 The Unruh Radiation 2016/12/01
演講 Hidden long-range order in a spin-orbit coupled 2D Bose gas 2016/11/24
演講 Development of Monolayer Cuprates 2016/11/17
演講 性別平等教育:從《愛在黎明破曉時》談關係的魔法 2016/11/03
演講 The Effective Hamiltonian and Ehrenfest Theorem in the Propagation Dynamics of Nonspreading Wave Packets 2016/10/27
演講 A Poisson-Nernst-Planck-Fermi Theory in Bioelectricity and Electrochemistry 2016/10/20
演講 High-precision test of Landauer's principle using a feedback trap 2016/10/13
演講 An introduction to CMOS Image Sensor and Its applications 2016/10/06
演講 von Neumann Lattice as a Generalized Vortex Lattice 2016/09/29
演講 半導體製程開發與職涯特質 2016/05/26
演講 基礎研究夯很大 ──談基礎研究與創新經濟的關係── 2016/05/19
演講 性別平等教育:從平等到多元-淺談性別與法律問題 2016/05/12
演講 ZrAs(1.58)Se(0.39): Two-channel Kondo physics due to As vacancies 2016/05/05
演講 Condensed Matter Physics with Free Electrons in Two Dimensions 2016/04/28
演講 從芒花說起 2016/04/21
演講 AlphaGo之原理與啟示 2016/04/14
演講 Exploring fundamental physics in topological materials 2016/04/07
演講 Exploring the Protein Universe 2016/03/31
演講 Einstein gravity and gravity wave. What's next? 2016/03/17
演講 性別平等教育:從愛的萬物論看愛情的四季 2016/03/10
演講 Magnetism and Superconductivity: A new era of convergence in condensed matter physics 2016/03/03
演講 2015諾貝爾物理獎介紹 2016/02/25
演講 OH-bond reorientation in water over short to intermediate timescales 2015/12/31
演講 Tuning electrical conductivity by photoirradiation and electric field in organic conductors and ionic solids 2015/12/24
演講 The LHC: What, Why, and How? 2015/12/17
演講 Novel Properties of 2D Materials Nanoribbons 2015/12/10
演講 How cells can change their fate? --Elucidating the molecular features of somatic cell reprogramming utilzing multidisciplinary approaches 2015/12/03
演講 質子治療--從物理的觀點來看 2015/11/26
演講 The "Simple" Physics for the new generation of Technology 2015/11/19
演講 Equilibrium Crystal Shape of 4He under Microgravity 2015/11/05
演講 Supercomputing the origin of mass 2015/10/29
演講 Highly nonlinear processes of molecules in intense femto second laser field 2015/10/22
演講 性別平等教育:吸引力法則-談愛情與人際魅力 2015/10/08
演講 Epitaxial film growth and characterization of functional oxides 2015/10/01
演講 Dark Matter Signature from the Sun 2015/09/24
演講 Commercialization of OCT 2015/06/11
演講 Dipolar spin ice in magnetic field 2015/06/04
演講 Hierarchical Understandings of Biomolecular Systems with Molecular Dynamics Simulations 2015/05/28
演講 名偵探柯南之電子元件篇 2015/05/21
演講 Advanced Device: Foundry Technology 2015/05/14
演講 To keep the heart beating after injury: tissue remodeling and cardiac auto-rhythmicity 2015/05/07
演講 Noncontact Detection of Vital Signs and Vibrations Using Micro - Radar 2015/04/30
演講 Origin of Mass: Quest for the Dynamical Origin of the Higgs particle 2015/04/16
演講 Future of Medicine: How Scientists and Engineers can Contribute 2015/04/09
演講 介金屬材料之成長及相關物理議題 2015/03/26
演講 3D IC 關鍵技術與發展現況介紹 2015/03/19
演講 牛頓第三定律:失戀的正向力量 2015/03/12
演講 Towards Energy-Efficient Biosignal Processing for Implantable Applications 2015/03/05
演講 Superresolution microscopy in bioimaging 2015/01/05
演講 Combining Light and Tips — Coupling Magnetism to Electricity in Multiferroic Heterostructures 2014/12/25
演講 Measuring atomic-scale wavefunctions and dynamics inside the hidden order compound URu2Si2 with X-ray spectroscopies 2104/12/19
演講 The rise of non-symmetry-breaking paradigms for quantum matter 2014/12/18
演講 神奇的宇宙 2014/12/11
演講 性別平等教育:愛情相對論 2014/12/04
演講 Inverse spin Hall Effect in La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 platinum bilayers 2014/11/27
演講 從太陽來的暗物質訊號 2014/11/20
演講 MPI CPfS - NCTU internship program 2014/11/13
演講 Recent research progress of topological insulators and graphene in EpiCenter@NCKU: Fundamental studies and device applications 2014/11/03
演講 Lattice gauge theory and physics of the Large Hadron Collider 2014/10/30
演講 What a Colorful world: Phase structure of QCD 2014/10/16
演講 Theory of quantum control and it's applications in atomic physics 2014/10/09
演講 Non-equilibrium quantum phenomena in a two-dimensional electron system on liquid helium 2014/10/02
演講 Physics in molecular and cellular biology 2014/09/25
演講 三小時的微積分 ~ 專為大一物理課而講 2014/09/11
演講 Realization of Point Acoustic Sink with Energy Conversion Functionality 2014/07/17
演講 Quantum Diffusion in Inhomogeneous Media 2014/06/12
演講 Statistical and computational issues in modelling aggregation of polymer chains 2014/06/05
演講 普適性和尺度律:從物理系統,生物系統,到人文社會系統 2014/05/29
演講 卷軸的邊緣為何會上翹? 2014/05/22
演講 Time-dependent linear response theories used to gain insight on allosteric regulations in enzymes 2014/05/15
演講 Magneto-optical absorption spectra of graphene in a composite magnetic field 2014/05/08
演講 Network Structures and Effects on Bursting Dynamics of Cultured Neurons 2014/05/01
演講 Understanding complex systems through their high-frequency time series 2014/04/24
演講 Effective interactions in macroionic systems 2014/04/17
演講 What is still there to learn from the vibrational spectra of small hydrated hydroxide clusters? 2014/04/10
演講 Study of physisorptions and chemisorptions of organic molecules on quantum-well metal thin films 2014/03/27
演講 Non-Markovian Quantum Dynamics of Open Quantum Systems 2014/03/20
演講 Theoretical physics around building a quantum computer 2014/03/13
演講 Time series analysis of complex systems 2014/03/06
演講 青春無敵---談性別平權 2014/02/27
演講 Hidden dimensions in nucleons 2014/02/20
演講 Search for Majorana fermions in solid state systems 2014/01/09
演講 Is the New Boson the Agent of BEH Mechanism? 2014/01/02
演講 交大科技人冏很大 2013/12/26
演講 我們從Higgs粒子的歷史學到了什麼? 2013/12/19
演講 Low Temperature Electron Transport Studies of Nanoscale and Mesoscopic Structures 2013/12/05
演講 Micro-structural rearrangements of 2D liquids around freezing 2013/11/28
演講 天天入夢鄉-談睡眠與壓力調適 2013/11/21
演講 Electrons surfing on a sound wave: a promising way to implement single electron quantum optics experiments on a chip 2013/11/14
演講 [Biophysics seminars] (1) Coding Design of Positional Information for Robust Morphogenesis
          (2) Estimation of whole-organ deformation dynamics from limited space-time point data
演講 Controlling atomic ionization and high-order harmonic generation with attosecond light pulses 2013/11/07
演講 Conceiving the Future of Microscopy, beyond Diffraction Limit 2013/10/31
演講 Basics and Applications of Spintronics and Topological Insulator 2013/10/24
演講 What we can learn from the history of physics 2013/10/17
演講 The Electron Cyclotron Maser 2013/10/03
演講 (1) 物理研究所簡介 (2) Condensed Matter Physics Research in Taiwan 2013/09/26
演講 [Special Colloquium] Information thermodynamics in small systems 2013/07/19
演講 [Special Colloquium] Extended duality relations in stochastic processes 2013/07/16
演講 Spatiotemporally controlled molecular assembling by laser trapping: From small molecules to large biopolymers 2013/06/13
演講 Numerical study of a universal four-component Fermi gas 2013/06/06
演講 Strong Interaction of Quarks and Gluons on the Lattice 2013/05/30
演講 Protonated Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon p-PAH: FTIR laboratory identification in solid parahydrogen and implication to unidentified infrared emission band 2013/05/23
演講 Synchrotron-based Spectroscopies on Novel Materials and Thin Films: from high energy to low energy physics, from structure to properties 2013/05/16
演講 A Molecular Thoery of Sum Frequency Generation and its Application 2013/05/09
演講 'Hot poses/orientations' of protein-protein docking revealed by dynamics domain analysis 2013/05/02
演講 CNN科技新聞 2013/04/25
演講 Anomalous ortho-para Ratio of the H2O+ Ion in Diffuse Molecular Cloud Observed by Herschel Space Telescope and Related Topics on Nuclear Spin Conversion of Molecule 2013/04/11
演講 QCD with many colors 2013/03/28
演講 贏在起跑點- 如何在半導體產業幫自己爭取一張必勝的門票 2013/03/21
演講 Single Electronics on the Surface of Liquid Helium 2013/03/14
演講 Quantum Control of Molecular Chirality 2013/03/07
演講 醫學物理簡介 Medical Physics introduction 2013/01/10
演講 Shaping single photons and entangled photons 2013/01/03
演講 Study the dynamics of nonspreading Airy packets from time evolution operator 2012/12/27
演講 Surprises in Nanoscale Phononics 2012/12/20
演講 [Special Colloquium] Frontiers of manipulation of ultrafast electron dynamics with attosecond light pulses 2012/12/18
演講 Comb laser spectroscopy and high-precision measurement 2012/12/13
演講 Cooperative hydrodynamics in bacterial carpet micro-channel 2012/12/06
演講 Optimized Multicanonical Monte Carlo Simulations 2012/11/29
演講 How physics comes to sing in mathematical tune 2012/11/22
演講 [Special Colloquium] Searching for the Dirac nature of neutrinos: combining neutrinoless double beta decay and neutrino mass measurements 2012/11/19
演講 Lattice gauge theory beyond QCD 2012/11/15
演講 Advances in Density Functional Theory 2012/11/08
演講 Statistical Physics of Nonlinear Non-Equilibrium Systems with Application to Biophysics 2012/10/25
演講 Evolution of Si and Si-Co Clusters on Si(111) Surface 2012/10/18
演講 複合式防災的認識與應變 2012/10/11
演講 了解你的壓力忍耐指數-談壓力調適管理與身心適應測驗 2012/10/04
演講 Nanofluidics-borne physics: nanoscale electrokinetics, single molecule tug-of-war, and bacterial protein oscillators 2012/09/27
演講 The Quest for solving QCD: supercomputing the strong force 2012/06/14
演講 In pursuit of the God particle 2012/06/07
演講 Cell Directional Sensing in Gradient Environment 2012/05/31
演講 Interfaces in biophysics 2012/05/24
演講 How to write a good paper 2012/05/17
演講 Anisotropic Energy Gaps of Iron-based Superconductivity from Intra-band Quasiparticle Interference in LiFeAs 2012/05/10
演講 Spatial variations on cyclic dominance in evolutionary dynamics 2012/05/03
演講 Ab Initio Precision Study of High-Lying Doubly Excited States of Helium in Static Electric Fields: 2012/04/26
  Complex-Scaling Generalized Pseudospectral Method in Hyperspherical Coordinates  
演講 實驗室作業有何潛在危害及如何保護自身安全 2012/04/19
演講 性別平等教育:兩性平等好自在過生活 2012/04/05
演講 Thermalization and Quantum Correlations in Exactly Solvable Models 2012/03/29
演講 All about the size: puzzle of proton radius 2012/03/22
演講 What is a jet? ---Introduction to jet physics 2012/03/15
演講 [Special Colloquium] 微中子物理的最新進展-大亞灣國際研究團隊的新發現 2012/03/15
演講 [Special Colloquium] The mysteries of two Z bosons: the Standard Model and beyond 2012/03/12
演講 Tips from High Impact Researchers on Writing and Publishing Academic Journal Papers 2012/03/08
演講 Experiment and theoretical study of novel electronic and magnetic properties of strongly correlated materials 2012/03/01
演講 台積電技術發展藍圖與校園資源 2012/01/05
演講 Multilayer blade coating and cathode printing for large-area efficient organic light-emitting diodes 2011/12/29
演講 女性角色、學術研究與科普推廣-豐富了我多采多姿的生命軌跡 2011/12/22
演講 Light Harvesting Schemes for High-performance polymer solar cells 2011/12/15
演講 Global analysis of ion-pair dynamics in force-induced unfolding of titin kinase 2011/12/08
演講 脈衝式強磁場發生及強磁場中的物性研究 2011/11/24
演講 溝通達人 2011/11/17
演講 The defect effect on the transport behaviors of an excitable soft cable 2011/11/10
演講 Optical detection on the Dirac cone states of topological insulators 2011/11/03
演講 Optimal Conveyance and Control of a Quantum Particle in a Moving Potential Well 2011/10/27
演講 Revisiting anomalous structures in liquid Ga 2011/10/20
演講 Lattice field theory for LHC physics 2011/10/13
演講 (1) Electronic transport studies of individual metal nanowires and their nanowire contacts
(2) Quantum-Interference Electron Transport in semiconductor Nanowires
演講 Quantum transport in single and bilayer graphene 2011/09/29
演講 微中子物理簡介 2011/09/22
演講 All-Optical Switch Operated below Single-Photon Level with Motionless Light Pulses 2011/06/16
演講 Fragmentation and Stillbirth of Condensation in the Rapid Evaporative Cooling of 2011/06/09
  a Dual-species Bose Mixture  
演講 Excitations and stability of the inhomogeneous exciton-polariton condensate 2011/06/02
演講 Quantum Interference on Dressed-Atom 2011/05/26
演講 Precision laser spectroscopy in simple atomic systems 2011/05/12
演講 A Quantum Poisson-Nernst-Planck Model for Biological Ion Channels 2011/05/05
演講 Josephson Vortex Dynamics in Intrinsic Josephson Junctions of BSCCO crystals: 2011/04/28
  Experimental and Numerical Studies  
演講 Mesoporous Materials Enhance Spin-label ESR for Protein Dynamics 2011/04/14
演講 Cosmological Models with no Big Bang 2011/04/07
演講 Conveyance of a Quantum Particle Trapped in a Moving Potential Well 2011/03/31
演講 性別平等教育:淺談性在男女大腦的差異 2011/03/24
演講 Crescent Waves in Optical Cavities 2011/03/17
演講 瀕危的植物世界-全球拯救行動 2011/03/10
演講 Projective measurement in a relativistic quantum field 2011/03/03
演講 Shear Oscillation Light Scattering of Concentrated Emulsions 2011/01/06
演講 Recent Development of Density Functional Theory 2010/12/30
演講 Mixed-state Hall effect and Flux Pinning in Ba(Fe1-xCox)2As2 single crystals 2010/12/23
演講 A Parametrization for Neutrino Mixing 2010/12/16
演講 Landau level properties of two prototypical bilayer graphenes 2010/12/09
演講 Probing the Na ordering and Co magnetism in NaxCoO2 by NMR spectroscopy 2010/12/02
演講 Muon Science and the MuSIC project at Osaka University 2010/11/25
演講 The band of bombs: story of atomic bomb 2010/11/18
演講 性別平等教育:跳脫性別的框架--生物性別VS.社會性別 2010/11/04
演講 找尋暗物質 2010/10/28
演講 Stabilization of ZnO Polar Plane with Charged Surface Nano Defects 2010/10/21
演講 The size of the proton 2010/10/14
演講 Holographic models for superconductors 2010/10/07
演講 A Glance into Nanoscopy 2010/09/30
演講 Atomic and Molecular Processes under the Laser Field 2010/09/23
演講 Organic optoelectronics 2010/06/18
演講 Emergence of vortex superlattice, Bloch domains and skyrmion lattice 2010/06/10
  in a rapidly-quenched and fast-rotating spinor Bose-Einstein condensate  
  --- An application of the stochastic projected Gross-Pitaevskii equation  
演講 Quantum Stablizer Codes for the Protection of Quantum Information 2010/06/03
演講 The Nuclear Compton Telescope (NCT) project 2010/05/27
演講 The Rhb1-TOR signaling pathway controls virulence factors in Candida albicans 2010/05/20
演講 Lattice Gauge Theory at the Era of LHC 2010/05/13
演講 Organic Electronics 2010/05/06
演講 What can we learn from the elegant formula = 2010/04/29
演講 蒙地卡羅演算法在遊戲的應用 2010/04/15
演講 Nambu Bracket for M Theory 2010/04/08
演講 性別平等教育:好好談戀愛-談個好戀愛 2010/03/25
演講 AdS/CFT Duality 2010/03/18
演講 GaN-based Microcavity Surface Emitting Lasers 2010/03/11
演講 Electrical-Transport Properties in Single Semiconductor and Metal 2010/03/04
演講 Deformation effect on graphene nanoribbons 2010/01/07
演講 Meeting at the synapse: dendritic morphogenesis and axon terminal patterning 2009/12/31
演講 That wonderful summer of 1925 2009/12/24
演講 性別平等教育:網路交友 2009/12/17
演講 圖書館利用:蒐集資料的方法 2009/12/10
演講 Molecular dynamics simulations using ab initio force fields: Methane as a case study 2009/12/03
演講 Holographic Methods for Strongly Coupled Systems 2009/11/26
演講 Resolving the Cell Middle in E. coli 2009/11/19
演講 DYCE Optical Physics: A New Research Field Combining Quantum Many-Body Physics 2009/11/12
  and Quantum Nonlinear Optics  
演講 蛋白質硫基亞硝酸基化之分子機制及其抗衡厭氧性傷害之功能 2009/11/05
演講 Top 9 English errors that cause Taiwanese Research papers to be rejected. 2009/10/29
演講 以分子動力學模擬研究聚電解質於多價鹽溶液中的構形變化及電泳性質 2009/10/22
演講 Material Design and Discovery via First Principle and Genetic Algorithms 2009/10/15
演講 Ab initio study of novel magnetic materials in double perovskites structure 2009/10/08
演講 Melting temperature of a metallic cluster predicted by thermal, 2009/10/01
  dynamical and statistical time series methods  
演講 意外無所不在 安全一手掌握 2009/09/24
演講 Conductance Fluctuations of Low-dimensional Cavity Systems 2009/06/18
演講 Stochastic Resonance in p53 Regulatory Network 2009/06/11
演講 Quantum spin Hall effect 2009/06/04
演講 台灣的高等教育與ICT產業 (II) 2009/05/21
演講 The neural circuit dynamics of decision making and action control 2009/05/14
演講 台灣的高等教育問題 2009/05/07
演講 The applications of ultrafast laser in the strongly correlated electron systems 2009/04/30
演講 Developing molecular electronics using carbon-based materials 2009/04/16
演講 Quantum Hydrodynamic Models Based on the Entropy Principle 2009/04/09
演講 弦理論簡介 2009/03/26
演講 The superexchange interaction 2009/03/19
演講 Studies on low dimensional structures fabricated by using electron beam lithography 2009/03/12
演講 Crumpling experiment - a PRL by undergraduates at Tsing Hua 2009/03/05
演講 Microwave and Optical Properties in Superconducting Layered Structures 2009/01/08
演講 X光吸收光譜之原理及應用 2008/12/25
演講 The Nobel Prize in Physics 2008 2008/12/18
演講 Crystalline Chiral Condensate 2008/12/11
演講 Superconductivity with Reduced Symmetry 2008/12/04
演講 Magnetism and superconductivity in strongly correlated matter 2008/11/27
演講 Dimer coverings and dimer-monomer model on the Sierpinski gasket 2008/11/27
演講 Mechanotransduction and Mechanobiology in Health and Disease 2008/11/20
演講 Neural encoding in the motor system 2008/11/06
演講 熱電現象暨鈣鈷氧化物Ca3Co4-xMxO9+d材料熱電特性之研究 2008/10/30
演講 Star and Planet Formation 2008/10/23
演講 Electrical Field Control Antiferromagnet BiFeO3 for Spintronics 2008/10/16
演講 Physical properties for nanostructured magnetic materials 2008/10/09
演講 發明技巧與高價值專利 2008/10/02
演講 What is LHC ? The largest accelerator in the world 2008/09/25
A phenomenology of cuprate superconductivity based on experimental and 2008/07/01
  theoretical evidences for competing orders  
What physicists can do in Biology? 2008/06/12
Long-range antiferromagnetic interactions in ZnFe_2O_4 and CdFe_2O_4 2008/06/05
Magnetic Imaging on Nanomaterials Using Spectro-microscopy 2008/05/29
  and Spin-polarized Scanning Tunneling Microscopy  
Unparticle Phenomenology 2008/05/22
Quantum Computation and Quantum Information 2008/05/15
Drug Target Prolyl Dipeptidase DPP-IV: Structure and Biogenesis 2008/05/08
當物理遇見政治: 政治物理學? 物理政治學? 2008/05/01
Quantum Memory with Atomic Ensembles 2008/04/24
Pentacene-based OTFT : Performance and Reliability 2008/04/10
Phase Transitions and the Perfectness of Fluids 2008/03/27
A Tale of Mercury's Sodium Tail 2008/03/20
A Tutorial Introduction to Biophotonics 2008/03/13
Universality, Scaling, and Finite-size Corrections for Critical Systems 2008/03/06
Low dimensional and frustrated magnetic systems: various routes to quantum ground state 2008/01/09
Neutron Scattering Studies on Pyrochlore Compounds 2008/0103
The century of spins?--about the 2007 Nobel Prize on Physics 2007/12/27
Time Scale of Phase Transformation in the Phase Field Model: 200712/25
  Incubation Time and Transformation Time  
The Development and Applications in Space-Time Conservation Element 2007/12/20
  and Solution Element Method  
酒杯變奏曲 2007/12/13
High Temperature Superconductor and its Critical Current Density at High Magnetic Field 2007/12/06
Atomic-scale Engeered Spins at a Surface 2007/11/29
Quark Models: Quixotic Madness or Questionable Miracle? 2007/11/22
Monolayer and clusters formation on metal and oxide surfaces studied 2007/11/15
  by LEED/RHEED and AES  
Protein folding dynamics and more 2007/11/01
Cooking up Flavour 2007/10/25
Probing deeper into matter with the Large Hadron Collider 2007/10/18
Beauty in Physics 2007/10/11
Model-system studies of catalysis: metal nanoclusters on a thin film of Al2O3/NiAl(100) 2007/10/04
Right of left turn? RecA family protein filaments promote homologous DNA recombination 2007/09/27
  through right-to-left axial rotation  
The coming of a new era: LHC and TeV physics 2007/09/20
Intrinsic spin Hall effect in semiconductors and metals: Ab initio calculation and model study 2007/06/21
The scent of quanta in our noses 2007/06/14
Trends in Conductance for Molecular Junctions in between Carbon Nanotube Leads 2007/06/07
Quantum Computing ABC 2007/05/31
如何目睹星星的誕生-恆星形成簡介 2007/05/24
Interface engineering in novel organic optoelectronic devices 2007/05/17
Dynamics of confined polymers in flow 2007/05/10
Persistent spin current in mesoscopic spin ring 2007/05/03
Nanoscale molecular traps and stretching tunnels 2007/04/26
Nano-bio adhesion 2007/04/19
Carrier and phonon dynamics in InN and its nanostructures 2007/04/12
Quantum Mechanics in B Physics 2007/03/29
Very attractive quarks 2007/03/22
Time-resolved microscopy 2007/03/15
Computational Biophysics and Drug Design 2007/03/08
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