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  Magnetism and Superconductivity: A new era of convergence in condensed matter physics



Time: 1:20pm, March 3 (Thursday)

Title: Magnetism and Superconductivity: A new era of convergence in condensed matter physics

Speaker: Prof. Piers Coleman
   (Rutgers University)

Place: Science Building III B1 SC001


Three years after the discovery of superfluid He-3, Physicists observed a closely related kind of
superconductivity in metals called anisotropic superconductivity, yet the open mind-set required
to embrace these results as a discovery, rather than a materials artifact was lacking. It took the efforts
of a brave and determined set of heavy electron pioneers, to overcome this resistance and change themind-set.
Today, there is a new convergence of magnetism and superconductivity in condensed matter physics in which magnetism
and spin provide the driver for a new generation of strongly correlated metals and superconductors. Many of us
suspect that the nexus of these phenomena lies at the quantum critical point that appears to present
in heavy electron, cuprateand iron-based superconductors.
I'll talk about how our ideas about spins and their role in correlated electron physics are changing.
I want to talk about the severe challenges the physicists face in trying to describe the incompressible spin
component of these materials. I'll discuss the all-important links between f-and d-electron materials and
some of the new kinds of order we are encountering, including a hidden and topological order.




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