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  Novel Properties of 2D Materials Nanoribbons



Time: 1:20pm, December 10 (Thursday)

Title: Novel Properties of 2D Materials Nanoribbons

Speaker: Prof. Guanghui Zhou
   (College of Physics and Information Science, Hunan Normal University)

Place: Science Building III B1 SC157

Nanoribbons of graphene, silicene, monolayer of transition metal dichalcogenide, as well as
other 2D materials, the building blocks for spintronic and valleytronic nanocircuits,
are simple but interesting physical or chemical systems. The property of a 2D materials nanoribbon,
unlike conventional semiconductor quasi-one -dimensional quantum wires, is sensitively dependent
on its detailed edge atomic configuration and the number of transverse atomic chains contained.
In this talk, I will give our some recent works on pristine graphene and silicone nanoribbons.
One aspect is the electronic structure and transport property of atomic chains in nanoribbons,
and the other is the atomistic structural response to external strains.




Update: 2015/12/3
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