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  The "Simple" Physics for the new generation of Technology



Time: 1:20pm, November 19 (Thursday)

Title: The "Simple" Physics for the new generation of Technology

Speaker: Prof. Wei-Min Zhang
   (Department of Physics, National Cheng-Kung University)

Place: Science Building III B1 SC001

When scientists and engineers attempted to shrink the basic components within our daily-life-utilized apparatus,
such as mobile phones, computers, automobiles, healthcare devices as well as home-based electronic devices,
into atomic scale devices, the "weirdness" of the quantum world must be fully understood, realized and
utilized to accomplish such tasks. With this, the new technology of Quantum Information Science emerges.
QIS's profound impact in the daily life of humanity in 21th century could be as prevalent and as profound as
the technologies of steam and electric powers that propelled the Industrial Revolution in the 18th and 19th centuries,
and the technologies of microprocessors, opto-electronic devices and lasers that propelled the emergence of Information Age in 20th century.




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