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  Origin of Mass: Quest for the Dynamical Origin of the Higgs particle



Time: 1:20pm, April 16 (Thursday)

Title: Origin of Mass: Quest for the Dynamical Origin of the Higgs particle

Speaker: Prof. Koichi Yamawaki
     (Kobayashi-Maskawa Institute, Nagoya University)

Place:Science Building III 1F SC157

Elementary particles are the origin of matter and forces at the deepest level of the Universe.
The laws of elementary particles are the relativity and the quantum mechanics, both combined
into prediction of the anti-particle for every particle and the creation of pairs of the particle
and the anti-particle from the vacuum without conflict to the energy conservation:
The vacuum is not "empty". When the attractive force between the paired particles becomes strong,
the pair is forced to get oriented into a specific direction in the vacuum,
"condensed into the vacuum": The symmetry is called spontaneously broken,
with a specific direction now preferred in the vacuum among those directions initially symmetric
on the same footing. It so happens as the Origin of Mass of the visible matter in our Universe,
say the weight of our body, which comes mostly from the mass of the nucleon (proton and neutron).
The 99 percent of the nucleon mass is dynamically generated "from nothing"
via the quark/anti-quark pair condensate into the vacuum, while the rest 1 percent comes from
the quark mass due to the Higgs particle). We may zoom-out such a pair so that it looks as
if a single elementary particle from the distance.
The system described in terms of such composite particles as viewed "elementary" actually behave
in the same way as that the "elementary" Higgs particle does as condensed in the vacuum
in the conventional theory ("Standard Model").
This may suggest that the Higgs particle is actually a composite particle associated
with the pair condensate in some underlying theory, called Technicolor, in a
manner analogous to the 99 percent of the nucleon mass. However,
the original Technicolor has fatal problems, which I will explain are cured by the Walking Technicolor.
This may account for the Origin of Mass including the mass of the Higgs particle itself
which remains mysterious in the Standard Model. The upcoming LHC experiments will decisively test
the Walking Technicolor through possible discovery of composite particles other than the Higgs particle.



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