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  The rise of non-symmetry-breaking paradigms for quantum matter



Time: 1:20pm, December 18 (Thursday)

Title: The rise of non-symmetry-breaking paradigms for quantum matter

Speaker: Prof. L. Andrew Wray
     (New York University, USA)

Place:Science Building III 1F SC157

Since the discovery of highly stable 3D topological insulators in 2007-2008,
there has been an explosion of interest in low temperature physical states
that defy the traditional characterization of phases in terms of broken symmetries.
Following the axiomatic principle that "more is different" in many-body systems,
exotic non-symmetry-broken environments have been the subject of numerous predictions
for emergent many-body states and device physics that cannot be readily realized otherwise.
I will review how topologically ordered systems have been categorized and discovered
over the last few years, and several ways in which they can give rise to new physical properties.
The talk will also touch on non-symmetry-breaking Kondo physics,
and the first known topological Kondo insulator (SmB6).



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