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  Spatial variations on cyclic dominance in evolutionary dynamics



Time: 1:30pm, May 3 (Thursday)

Title: Spatial variations on cyclic dominance in evolutionary dynamics

Speaker: Prof. Chun-Chung Chen
   (Physics Division, National Center for Theoretical Sciences)

Place: Information Building 2F CS247

In an evolving ecosystem, the competition between multiple species rarely can be strictly hierarchical.
In fact, the cyclicity has an important contribution to the establishment of a dynamic equilibrium.
But in well-mixed systems, cyclicity alone is proven to be ineffective in preserving biodiversity,
which generally collapses in time linear to the system size. Nonetheless, adding spatial distribution
provides a significant boost to its effectiveness, prolonging the size-dependence of extinction time
to an exponential. The long-living dynamic of the system is accompanied by a proliferation of interesting
dynamic patterns and local breathing modes. We will start with a review on the statistical physics of
evolutionary dynamics and attempts to understand the scaling behaviors of the cyclic competing system
through a phenomenological view in the context of non-equilibrium, absorbing-state phase transition.


Update: 2012/4/30
Contacts: Li-Chun Chen

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