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  Thermalization and Quantum Correlations in Exactly Solvable Models



Time: 1:30pm, March 29 (Thursday)

Title: Thermalization and Quantum Correlations in Exactly Solvable Models

Speaker: Prof. Ming-Chiang Chung
   (Physics Division, National Center for Theoretical Sciences)

Place: Information Building 2F CS247

The generalized Gibbs ensemble introduced for describing few body correlations in exactly solvable
systems following a quantum quench is related to the nonergodic way in which operators sample,
in the limit of innite time after the quench, the quantum correlations present in the initial state.
The nonergodicity of the correlations is thus shown analytically to imply the equivalence with the
generalized Gibbs ensemble for quantum Ising and XX spin chains as well as for the Luttinger model
the thermodynamic limit, and for a broad class of initial states and correlation functions of both
local and nonlocal operators.



Update: 2012/3/23
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