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  The mysteries of two Z bosons: the Standard Model and beyond



Time: 10:30am, March 12 (Monday)

Title: The mysteries of two Z bosons: the Standard Model and beyond

Speaker: Dr. Shih-Chieh Hsu
     (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, USA)

Place: Information Building 3F CS320

The production of pairs of Z bosons, carriers of the weak force,
at the highest available energies delivered by the LHC is of great interest.
This process is difficult to detect because it is very rare,
occurring only 92 times out of 10^{12} proton-proton collisions.
Its observation is an essential step in unlocking the deep mysteries of
the fundamental structure of the universe. In this talk, I'll show you
the state-of-the-art technology developed in the ATLAS experiment
to study the properties of ZZ production. Through this journey, we
will learn how to test the predictions of the electroweak sector of
the Standard Model, how the results constrain new physics, and
what they mean for the origin of mass.



Update: 2012/3/6
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