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  Cosmological Models with no Big Bang



Time: 1:30pm, April 7 (Thursday)

Title: Cosmological Models with no Big Bang

Speaker: Prof. Wun-Yi Shu
     (Institute of Statistics, National Tsing Hua University)

Place: Information Building 2F CS247


In the late 1990s, observations of Type Ia supernovae led to the astounding
discovery that the universe is expanding at an accelerating rate.
The explanation of this anomalous acceleration has been one of the great
challenges in physics since that discovery. In this talk, I will present
cosmological models [1,2,3] that explain the cosmic acceleration via
the geometric structure of space-time, without introducing a cosmological
constant into the standard Einstein field equation, negating the necessity
for the existence of dark energy. In this geometric structure of space-time,
the roles of time, space and mass are related in new kind of relativity.
There are four distinguishing features of these models: 1) the speed of
light and the gravitational“constant”are not constant, but vary with
the evolution of the universe, 2) time has no beginning and no end; i.e.,
there is neither a big bang nor a big crunch singularity, 3) the spatial
section of the universe is a 3-sphere, ruling out the possibility of a flat
or hyperboloid geometry, and 4) the universe experiences phases of both
acceleration and deceleration. One of these models is selected and tested
against current cosmological observations of Type Ia supernovae, and is
found to fit the redshift-luminosity distance data quite well.

1. arXiv:1007.1750v1


Update: 2011/03/14
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