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  Crescent Waves in Optical Cavities



Time: 1:30pm, March 17 (Thursday)

Title: Crescent Waves in Optical Cavities

Speaker: Prof. Ray-Kuang Lee
     (Institute of Photonics Technologies, National Tsing Hua University)

Place: Information Building 2F CS247


"Crescent" is seen in the sky as the Moon appearing to be less than
half illuminated by the Sun. Such crescent shaped solutions are
observed in various physical systems like Barchan sand dunes where a
unidirectional flow of air. Here we report experimentally the
generation of stationary crescent surface solitons pinged to the
boundary of a micro-structured Vertical Cavity Surface Emission Laser.
In stead of a direct transition from linear to nonlinear cavity modes,
we demonstrate the existence of a symmetry-breaking optical crescent
waves with profiles from a single-, double-, and quadruple-humps.
Without any counterparts in the linear limit, the experimental
observations and the simulation results provide an alternative but
effective approach to control lasing characteristics and access
optical surface modes in semiconductor lasers. As electrons localized
at crystalline surfaces known as Tamm and Shockley states, optical
surface waves would provide a link in the relating classical and
quantum regimes for nonlinear systems.



Update: 2011/03/14
Contacts: Li-Chun Chen

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