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  Muon Science and the MuSIC project at Osaka University



Time: 1:30pm, November 25 (Thursday)

Title: Muon Science and the MuSIC project at Osaka University

Speaker: Prof. Yoshitaka Kuno
   (Dept. of Physics, Osaka University)

Place: Information Building 2F CS247


The muon is one of the elementary particles called leptons. The muon is the lightest
unstable elementary particle and has a relatively long lifetime compared to the other
elementary particles. Furthermore, a positively charged muon behaves like a light proton
(1/9 of the proton mass), and a negatively charged muon does like a heavy electron
(200 times the electron mass) in materials.
Therefore, the muon is known to be a unique tool to study in various science fields,
from elementary particle physics, materials science to application.
Potential science that can be explored with muons will be mentioned, together with some
development on a muon beam source at Osaka University, called the MuSIC project.

Update: 2010/11/22
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