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Bi-weekly NCTS FGCPA Seminar  
Seminar Cosmological Models with no Big Bang 2011/06/24
Seminar Improved ISW detection through CMB polarization 2011/06/10
Seminar Dark Energy Phenomenology 2011/05/27
Seminar Gravitino Relic Density from Asymmetric Particle Late Decay 2011/05/13
Seminar Beyond the Geometry of Event Horizon: Gravitational Wave Physics for Black Hole Dynamics 2011/04/29
Seminar Correspondence Between Hawking Radiation and Schwinger Mechanism 2011/04/15
Seminar Dark Matter: the Other Universe 2011/03/25
Seminar Background Effects in Direct WIMP Dark Matter Searches - Part II: On the Determinations of WIMP Couplings/Cross Sections 2011/03/11
Seminar Domain wall space-times with cosmological constant 2011/01/14
Seminar Dark Matter Searches with sub-keV sensitivity Germanium Detectors at KSNL and CJPL 2010/12/24
Seminar Non-Gaussianities of Single Field Inflation with Non-minimal Coupling 2010/12/17
Seminar Search for Charged Lepton Flavor Violation with Muons at J-PARC 2010/11/26
Seminar Probing the course of cosmic expansion with a combination of observational data 2010/11/12
Seminar Dark Matter Signature from the Sky and at Colliders 2010/10/22
Seminar Dark Matter and Top Quark 2010/10/08
Seminar Dark Energy and EoS in Modified Gravity Theories 2010/09/24
Seminar Potentially large one-loop correction to the WIMP annihilation 2010/05/28
Seminar Alternative to Dark Matter - TeVeS (Tensor-Vector-Scalar Gravitational Theory) 2010/05/21
Seminar Gravity as Entropy Force 2010/05/07
Seminar Determining Properties of Dark Matter Particles on the AMIDAS Website 2010/04/23
Seminar Scalar Dark Matter Model with Four Fermion Generations 2010/04/09
Seminar Neutrino Mixing and Leptogenesis with Friedberg-Lee Symmetry 2010/03/12
Seminar Uncertainty relations on a Planck lattice and micro black holes 2009/12/18
Seminar Pulsar contribution to electron and positron cosmic rays 2009/12/11
Seminar Hidden Charged Dark Matter 2009/12/04
Seminar Dark matter detection and anomalies in cosmic electron/positron spectrum 2009/11/13
Seminar Scalar-tensor theories of gravity 2009/11/06
Seminar The New Border of Neutrino Physics 2009/10/23
Seminar Dark Matter and Cosmic Ray Anomalies 2009/10/09
Seminar Magnetowave Induced Plasma Wakefield Acceleration as a Production Mechanism for Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays 2009/06/15
Seminar Phantom crossing in F(R) gravity 2009/05/25
Seminar Determination of the Neutrino Flavor Ratio at the Astrophysical Source 2009/05/11
Seminar Constraints on Scalar Dark Matter from Direct Experimental Searches 2009/04/27
Seminar Dark Matter decays and PAMELA/ATIC anomaly 2009/04/13