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news NCTS HEP seminar at NCTU
  Accelerated Quark and Holography for Confining Gauge Theory
Date: 2012/01/02
news Workshops information
  International Workshop on Neutrino Physics, Dark Matter and Gamma Rays
2011/11/04 - 2011/11/06


Particle physics and cosmology is the research on the fundamental properties of the Universe. These include the elementary constituents of matter, basic interactions amongst them, and the evolution of the Universe. In our group, we investigate questions such as what is Dark Matter in the Universe? What does the law of gravity look like at the length scale as large as the Universe itself? What is the origin of masses of elementary particles? How would different kinds of neutrinos mix? Would string theory be the ultimate Theory of Everything? Would it be possible to precisely calculate the strong interactions amongst quarks and gluons?

In addition to national and international collaboration, we interact frequently with the National Tsing-Hua University (NTHU) HEP group and National Centre for Theoretical Sciences, which are located 0.5 miles away. We hold joint seminars and discussion sessions regularly.


faculty Faculty members
  Prof. W.F. Kao Prof. Jen-Chi Lee
  W. F. Kao, Profeesor Jen-Chi Lee, Professor
(Department of Electrophysics)
  Prof. C.-J. David Lin Prof. Guey-Lin Lin
  C.-J. David Lin, Assistant Professor Guey-Lin Lin, Professor
  Prof. Yi Yang  
  Yi Yang, Assistant Professor
(Department of Electrophysics)
postdoc Postdocs  
  Fai-Fan Lee  
  Kenji Ogawa  
  Shang-Yu Wu
  George Moutsopoulos (Department of Electrophysics)
student Ph.D. students  
  Chia-Ming Chang  
  Feng-Shiuh Lee  
  Yung-Shun Yeh  
  Bei-Zhen Hu  
  Yen-Hsun Lin  
  Tuan Quoc Do  
Bi-weekly String Theory Seminar
NCTS HEP seminar at NCTU
Bi-weekly NCTS FGCPA Seminar
Hsinchu area HEP seminar and journal club
Facilities in the group
The Daya Bay neutrino experiment
PC cluster (96 cores, 96 GB memory and 20Gb infiniband) dedicated to Lattice Gauge theory.
HEP links
E-print Archive
Particle Data Group
Taiwan String Theory Group
Strong Interaction Forum
National Centre for Theoretical Sciences
National Centre for Theoretical Sciences (North)
Academia Sinica HEP theory group
National Central University HEP group
National Tsing-Hua University HEP group
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National Chiao-Tung University string theory group