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NCTS HEP seminar at NCTU  
Seminar Accelerated Quark and Holography for Confining Gauge Theory 2012/01/02
Seminar Matrix model approach to Quantum Gravity and large-N RG analysis 2011/12/26
Seminar Drag force from AdS/CFT 2011/12/19
Seminar The Emergence of Special and Doubly Special Relativity 2011/12/12
Seminar Quantum Criticality in Einstein-Maxwell-Dilaton Gravity 2011/12/05
Seminar BCJ relation of color scalar theory and KLT relation of gauge theory 2011/11/28
Seminar Monte Carlo simulations for unitary fermions confined to a harmonic trap 2011/11/28
Seminar Stokes phenomena and non-perturbative completion for quantum field and string theory 2011/11/21
Seminar Constraints on Effective Dark Matter Interactions 2011/11/14
Seminar Gravitational Contribution to the running of gauge couplings 2011/11/07
Seminar Observations on open and closed scattering amplitudes at high energies 2011/10/27
Seminar Non-linear aspects of Horava gravity 2011/10/24
Seminar The Holographic Models of the scalar sector of QCD 2011/06/02
Seminar Behaviour of a Parity and Charge-Parity Violating Varying Alpha Theory 2011/05/26
Seminar Negative Differential Resistivity from AdS/CFT: a new approach to non-equilibrium physics? 2011/05/19
Seminar Leptophilic Higgs boson in the two-Higgs-doublet model 2011/05/12
Seminar Walking technicolor and string duals (II) 2011/05/05
Seminar Walking technicolor and string duals (I) 2011/05/04
Seminar Sphaleron and electroweak phase transition 2011/04/28
Seminar Direct Detection and Identification of WIMP Dark Matter 2011/04/21
Seminar Precise bottomonium spectroscopy from lattice QCD 2011/04/14
Seminar Multi-Meson Systems in a Box 2011/03/31
Seminar Searching for walking technicolor on the lattice 2011/03/24
Seminar The Holographic Description of Black Holes (II) 2011/03/24
Seminar Rare B decay form factors from lattice QCD 2011/03/17
Seminar The Holographic Description of Black Holes 2011/03/10
Seminar Exploring new physics explanations for proton size anomaly 2011/03/03